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The Twilight Zone The Complete Series DVD


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  • Product Information of The Twilight Zone The Complete Series DVD

    Actors: Rod Serling, Art Carney, Burgess Meredith, Cliff Robertson, Dennis Weaver
    Directors: John Brahm
    Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, Black & White
    Language: English
    Region: Region Free
    Number of discs: 25
    Rated: Unrated
    DVD Release Date: 2015

    The Twilight Zone The Complete Series DVD

    Summary of The Twilight Zone The Complete Series DVD

    Despite his esteem in the writing community, Serling found the series difficult to sell. Few critics felt that science fiction could transcend empty escapism and enter the realm of adult drama. In a September 22, 1959, interview with Serling, Mike Wallace asked a question illustrative of the times: "...[Y]ou're going to be, obviously, working so hard on The Twilight Zone that, in essence, for the time being and for the foreseeable future, you've given up on writing anything important for television, right?" While Serling's appearances on the show became one of its most distinctive features,The Twilight Zone The Complete Series DVD with his clipped delivery still widely imitated today, he was reportedly nervous about it and had to be persuaded to appear on camera. Serling often steps into the middle of the action while the characters remain oblivious to him, but on one notable occasion, they are aware of his presence: In the episode "A World of His Own", a writer (Keenan Wynn) with the power to alter his reality objects to Serling's narration, and promptly erases Serling from the show.